Gabriel Forest

Dedicated to content writing, combining words is my second nature. Passionate about animals, food, movies, science & technology.
  • Sour grapes Rudy Kurniawan wine fraud

    Sour Grapes – the brilliant wine fraud movie / documentary

    In May of 2016, the first long time documentary about one of the most astonishing frauds of the recent history was released. The viewer falls from one surprise into the next when watching the re-telling of this fascinating story of how one man was able to deceive an entire...
  • Space Missions Top 10

    Top 10 Space Missions with a Deep Impact

    This is a top ten list of the most groundbreaking space missions that have taken place. All of them had a deep impact on society and propelled the astronomical and space science to a higher place and resulted in a colossal amount of information about the world outside our...
  • Disappointing year Deep Impact

    Another disappointing year has deep impact on French winemakers

    The past year was another disappointing year for profound wine-country France. A definite deep impact on the French market share in wine sales. It is losing terrain to competitors like Spain, Italy and lately even China. Causes low grape-production This year’s harvesting of wine grapes in the Sancerre area...
  • Iphone 7 Explodes

    New iPhone 7 exploded in transit to buyer

    In the week of September 26, 2016, a post on the Reddit internet forum appeared by a user who claimed that his newly bought iPhone 7 Plus was delivered to him in bits and pieces. Attached to his message on the well-known online forum were some pictures of the...
  • Dear Meat Statement Coop

    Big Swedish supermarket Coop makes statement video: Dear Meat

    For many people it’s a very sensitive matter. The realization that the consumption of meat should be toned down to keep the world a livable place in the near future.  Providing an essential contribution is of the utmost importance. For vegans and vegetarians this is already a daily element of...
  • Tiger saves men from being attacked by Leopard

    Spectacular save by tiger against attack from a leopard

    The Black Jaguar-White Tiger™ Foundation is a foundation of Eduardo Serio, a Mexican-born businessman who was living in Los Angeles and started this foundation with his cousin, an animal expert with lots of experience. On their Facebook story page they decribe: “the Foundation has rescued and cares for over 240...