Miguel Dos Santos

  • Matterhorn mountain

    Europe’s best places in nature!

    Northern light in Scandinavia The Northern light is an absolute must-see for any travel-loving person. The best place to see the Northern light, or aurora borealis, is of course in the northern parts of Scandinavia. The northern light is best visible in that region, because the green lights are...
  • Film Festival Top Movies 2016

    Five award-winning European filmfestival movies to remember in 2016

    Below we composed a selection of European filmfestival movies of 2016 that will hopefully have a deep impact on you as a visitor. Fuocoammare (Fire at Sea) Takes place on Italian island Lampedusa. It focuses on a twelve year old boy named Samuele, who lives on the island and...
  • Chinese DJ Chace, big talent

    17 year old Chinese DJ shows remarkable talents on his debut record

    In the world of electronic music it’s hard to define real talents, escpecially because there is a lot of money and interests involved. Often these days big production companies work with ghost writers and producers. There is an enormous chance that a big hit does not even originate from the...