Big Swedish supermarket Coop makes statement video: Dear Meat

Dear Meat Statement Coop

For many people it’s a very sensitive matter. The realization that the consumption of meat should be toned down to keep the world a livable place in the near future.  Providing an essential contribution is of the utmost importance. For vegans and vegetarians this is already a daily element of their existence. The conscience concerning food plays a big role in their everyday life.

The Swedish supermarket concern Coop has a shot at creating a ‘better world’. With their 1 minute lasting short movie clip they make a statement in a playful, yet impressive way. In brief, they request to decrease the amount of meat consumption drastically. A playful way of saying goodbye to the amount of meat involved in your current lifestyle. A shout out to the consumer, although in a soft and gentle way.

Currently the meat industry amounts to 75 pounds lbs, corresponding to 34 kilos per person a year worldwide.

Obviously certain countries have a bigger, lion’s share in the world. China is the worldleader if it comes to the total amount of meat consumption due to its 1.4 billion inhabitants. The United States of America scores highest with regard to the average yearly meat consumption per capita. But if they should be proud of this statistics, that is rather the question. If the American dream was expressed in meat per capita then the Americans sure made their dream come true…

In this below graph/index you are able to see the meat consumption per country. Sorry for missing a lot of countries in the shown graph. India with their 1.3 billion inhabitants is doing  exceptionally well. Possibly due to their cultural background, their Hinduistic value of respecting animals and all worldly life. At least that seems a logical explanation.

worldwide meat consumption 2016, a year in kgs

Nevertheless, time to start pondering, after this sentimental call-t0-action video by Coop. A big supermarket chain that emphasizes that we have to introduce a bigger and worthier conscience. Especially if we want to lessen the pressure that the meat industry has on Mother Earth. Changing your lifestyle has never been so necessary and will have a deep impact on you and the future of our children and their children.

Coop did the following request “We would like to encourage everyone who has a great-tasting, easy-to-cook vegetarian recipe to share it on Instagram, under #TheNewEverydayFood.”

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