Documentary Movie Kurdistan Football Team – Road to Confica

Documentary Movie Kurdistan Soccer Team

While fellow-countrymen are fighting against terrorist movement Islamic State, football players of Kurdistan are preparing themselves for the Confica World Championships football for unrecognized territories. The British newspaper The Guardian made a wonderful and remarkable documentary about this team and this half hour lasting film is a definite must see.

The hosting country is Abkhazia, an autonomous republic within Georgia and acknowledged by Russia as an independent country.
Map Abkhazia Host

Other competing teams are Northern Cyprus, Székely Land, Padania, Koreans in Japan, Panjab, Sápmi, Raetia, Western Armenia, Chagos Islands and Somaliland.

In the following world cup infographic on the website Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty you are able to see the location of the competing ‘countries’.

Just before the team hits for the tournament the chairman gave a motivational speech: ‘Nothing is comparable with wearing the shirt of the Kurdistan football (in US: soccer) team’ he added. The Kurdistan team is competing to win the world championships title for unrecognized territories. But the road to the tournament wasn’t easy, there was a lack of money and the gloves the keeper of Kurdistan is wearing were made by his mother. She stitched the logos of Nike and Adidas on them. To our opinion that is one of the most adorable parts of the documentary movie.

Besides that, the war is never far, even midfielder Mihran Kasro is a soldier in the army of Kurdistan. That seems a complicated dual job and certainly has a Deep Impact on the player. But Mihran tells that without the soldiers he wouldn’t be able to play football, then the Islamic State would rule, like in the city Mosul in the Northern part of Iraq.

Around three and a half million US dollar has been spent on the tournament and about ten procent came from the de facto government to refurbish some elements in the stadium and roads.

Kurdistan has a wonderful start of the tournement by beating Székely Land with 3-0, a Hungarian minority wihtin Romania. And how the rest of the tournament goes, see for yourself in this splendid documentary movie. Perhaps even very interesting for people who are not very into this type of sport…

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