17 year old Chinese DJ shows remarkable talents on his debut record

Chinese DJ Chace, big talent

In the world of electronic music it’s hard to define real talents, escpecially because there is a lot of money and interests involved. Often these days big production companies work with ghost writers and producers. There is an enormous chance that a big hit does not even originate from the specific producing DJ. There is nothing what we can do about that, it’s how the market evolved.

Possibly for the mass public, average listener and perhaps even fans it doesn’t even matter. Only to determine someone’s true potential its obviously necessary to find out correctly if there are true hidden talents in a DJ. Because we think that just mixing records doesn’t make you talented, it’s about creating new distinctive music. You have to be an insider to know more about the specific musician and otherwise you can probably never be sure if someone is really creating or just executing… With this young 17-year-old Chinese DJ, known under the stagename Chace we have the positive idea that he’s not just executing. We may suspect he is not just a product of commerce.

He is part of the ‘Barong Family’, mainly known for their world act Yellow claw. With the young phenomena Chace they have a a fresh upcoming producing, singing and songwriting musician in store. His track ‘Stranger’ surprises one with a true summer vibe, some funky elements and an overall groovy tune.

This is how the Barong Famly describes him:
“The level of artistic maturity on his debut Destination EP is extraordinary, from Chace’s melancholic, muted vocals to the overall depth and liveliness of his arrangements and production. ”

To our opnion there are no doubts about the talent of this newcomer. His first release was after two months focusing in the studio, definitely supported by his musical roots and huge potential.

The Barong family about his first release:
” The track ‘Stranger’ is a collaboration with Barong Family heads Yellow Claw, once again showcasing Chace’s excellent string arrangements and featuring a bumpy UK garage touch.”

We advise just to listen to his debut track and don’t mind to dance if you can’t sit still.


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